Criteria for True Faith

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Abdul Qader
I'm Muslim but I backtrack sometimes. I don't know what to believe. How do you know that Islam is the true faith?
Waleed Ahmed Najmeddine

Salam, brother Abdul Qader. 

Thank you for your question. 

For a faith to be true, it must be accessible to all people, regardless of what language they speak, what age they are, what period they live in, or what their level or type of education is. Neither the blood in their veins nor the color of their skin should ever influence their ability to enter the faith and feel fulfilled by it. The message and doctrines must be simple enough for everyone to understand and its rituals and practices easy to perform for the greatest majority of people. 

Its message must touch the innermost soul of those who believe in it and offer the believer the opportunity to develop the strongest of bonds with the One God Who created all of us. This faith must not contradict itself nor be full of contradictory doctrines and practices. It must take people of all types and all backgrounds from the darkness of ignorance to the light of understanding and knowledge. 

Its divine book or scripture must speak directly to the heart of anyone who reads it. Its words must teach justice, peace, and prosperity for all who follow them. It must teach its followers to be distinguished examples of conduct for all of humanity to strive to become like them. It must teach its followers to be well balanced, helpful and caring towards others regardless of their religious beliefs. 

If Islam is missing any of these qualities or teaches the opposite to them, we may be able to say that it is not the true faith. It is understandable that questions might arise regarding the authenticity of Islam as a faith, but I believe that the more we know about Islam, the more we will see that it can only be what it claims to be: the true religion that Allah wants mankind to follow. 

I hope this answers your worries about your faith. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to write to us again. Thank you and please keep in touch. 


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