True Teachings of Islam Make Me Sick!

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I am a Christian, and I have learned the true teachings of Islam, and it has made me sick inside. I hate Islam and Muslims are lost cases that have been brainwashed, may the lord Jesus Christ help you.
AAI Editorial Staff

This answer was kindly provided by Brother Maan Khalife, a member of Ask About Islam Editorial Staff.

Salam (Peace) Dear Brother,

Thank you for your comment, which I turned into questions in order to clear your misconceptions about Islam. The questions would be: What is Islam and how do Muslims perceive Jesus (peace be upon him)?

Initially, thank you for taking the time to learn about Islam though you are not Muslim. May the Lord of Jesus who is our Lord help us both in achieving what is good for humanity in this life that will eventually lead us to life of bliss in the Hereafter.

As well as help you to get a better understanding of Islam so that you will draw good conclusions about Islam and make good comments to bring us closer.

May our Lord help us to have good relations with you and all non-Muslims in order to build a healthy environment for interfaith dialogue in order to better understand our differences and respect each other for who we are.

I highly recommend you to read more and more about Islam. I highly advise you also to differentiate between Islam and the way Muslims practice it. If there is something wrong, it has to do with Muslims not with Islam. Islam is not what some Muslims do. Islam is about peace, love, respect, social justice, cooperation, tolerance, etc.

I will also take this opportunity to explain what Muslims believe about Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him).

Muslims believe that Jesus is one of the prophets sent by God to guide people to His path. Muslims do not believe that Jesus is God or son of God. He was just a prophet in the long chain of prophets. Jesus (peace be upon him) never claimed that he is God or son of God. He never claimed any divinity to himself.

The message of Jesus (peace be upon him) is the same message of all prophets sent before him, i.e. to worship God alone and not to associate other partners with Him.

A Muslim's belief is incomplete is he does not believe in Prophet Jesus as he believes in Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them both). Muslims love and respect Jesus (peace be upon him) more than most Christians think.

Muslims believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) did not die on the cross for our sins. He was raised to heaven and he will come back towards the end of times. His second coming will be one of the signs of Judgment Day.

When Christians say that Jesus is the son of the living God (i.e. the Creator of all) does this mean, may God forbid, that our Creator slept with virgin Marry (peace be upon her) in some way, shape or form, of course without her losing her virginity. Or is it that God has blown His spirit into her for her to conceive without any man touching her.

I am assuming, we must agree that it is the latter; and that would be the same for each one of us since, according to Islam, God blows His spirit into the mother's womb after four month of conception; when the baby is shaped.

The difference is that God decided that Jesus (peace be upon him) shall be born without a father since God's order to decree something is by simply saying to it "be" and it is. If we assume that God is Jesus' physical father, is then God the physical mother and father of Adam (peace be upon him), the first human that God created without a father or a mother?

We must not attribute to God what doesn't belong to Him. God made humans procreate for their continuity but God is the only Creator and doesn't need to procreate. He is self-sufficient and is not in need of younger gods to take over from Him because He is Ever-Living, Eternal.

What is important for Muslims is what God said through the Prophets (peace be upon them). The apostles words are of lesser importance then what Jesus (peace be upon him) said. If we cannot make that distinction then the religion we follow will have conflicting creeds.

Throughout history, God sent prophets to tell about Him. Part of His test to us is that He makes himself unseen since seeing God would no longer become a test of faith. Our test is to worship God without seeing Him by following what true prophets told us about Him.

The message throughout history again has been to worship the only Creator without associating any partners with Him; no man not even a prophet, wood or stone, and no creation whatsoever is equivalent to our Creator.

So when someone claims that Jesus is the son of God or is God incarnate, or has any attributes of God, wouldn't we think that will anger God? He creates and His creation is worshiped rather than Him being worshiped. Please ponder about this last statement.

That's why in Islam, it is the greatest of sins to think this way since angering God means that we are no longer under His mercy; and we shouldn't expect reward from Him (Paradise) because we didn't worship Him to begin with, we were busy worshiping His creations, who can't benefit us in the Hereafter because they are themselves seeking God's mercy.

So following the true teachings of Jesus (peace be upon him) is what leads to Paradise but if we are unable to authenticate any religious text then how can we claim that it came from God.

It could have been anyone who wrote it to deceive people, and ignorantly believing is no excuse because we have brains to think with and we are not expected to follow faith blindly.

When a little bit of logic and sense come into play then the puzzle unfolds and we can see that it is not as confusing as we thought it is.

Finally, I urge you to take some time to read a translation of the Quran and to read about Islam from authentic sources in order to draw a better judgment about Islam.

May God guide us to what is pleasing to Him. Amen

I hope this helps answer your question.

and please keep in touch.

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