Considering the Consequences Too Late

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Considering the Consequences Too Late
Hi, I am currently in a relationship with a Shi`ah boy and we have engaged in sexual acts as well. I know that it is a sin and I should stop, but I am extremely attached to him. I want to make it legal, but I know I would not be permitted to by my parents as I am Sunni. What should I do? Also, would I be unfair to my future husband if I did not tell him of my previous relationships or acts? I deeply regret my decisions and do seek forgiveness from Allah (SWT)? Please let me know what forms of prayers can I offer to seek forgiveness and attain strength. Thank you for your time.
Fatin Khairallah

As salmu `alaykum


its great that you realize you’re sin and have sought forgiveness from Allah - that’s the first step. You also have to make sure that you have totally repented and will never go back to that sinful act whether the guy is Sunni or Shi`ah, it doesn’t make a difference, this is a sinful act.


As for telling your future husband, you would have to ask a scholar on that issue, but at this time you should concentrate on your relationship with Allah and continue to beg for Allah’s forgiveness, by simply asking as well as performing extra acts of worship, such as sawm, on Mondays and Thursdays, extra prayers (nafl) as well as giving extra charity ,money or time for the sake of Allah. May Allah protect you and guide you to the straight path in sha’allah. 

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