Of What Significance is Your Place of Worship?

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By Back to Religion Editor


Places of worship where people, across different cultures, look for moments of peace, practice their religions, hold their ceremonies, gather in social activities and so forth, are associated with many physical and conceptual dimensions.  

Take a moment and share your experience about your worship place answering all (or some) of the questions as follows:  

-        Is the place of worship a special for you as it is where you go to think deeply?  

-         Do you prefer the modern or historical places of worship? Why?  

  -         There are different architecture styles of places of worship; do you feel more comfortable with the simple designs or with more attractive elegant designs?  

-         Do you think that places of worship should bridge the social gaps between people? Why?    

-         Do you think these places should be more dynamic in helping their communities to face the socioeconomic problems or should only be places for individual spiritual life?  

-         How do you find the religious sermons in your places of worship (interesting, boring, updated …)?    

-         Some writers, photographers, painters found inspirations in the places of worship, how do you find those kinds of artistic expressions?


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