“Vanity is My Favorite Sin”- Iblis on the Screen

Abaleeso: Fictional Character of Satan
By Back to Religion Editor

The YouTube series comes as a reminder for human beings to be aware of Satan’s whispers.

Produced by: VISUALIZIT

Actor: Yaseen Kamel

Executive Producer: Faisal al Azem

Director: Ibraheem Abbas

Have you ever thought how Iblis/Satan whispers to people? Have you visualized through your imagination how he addresses human beings encouraging them to commit sins?

A group of young Arabs produced a YouTube series where the starring actor (Abaleeso) plays the role of Iblis, who is trying through the episodes to push people towards sins.

Viewing the YouTube channel of Abaleeso, you will find an episode about Satan’s whispers at prayers times, other episode is about divorce, another one is about telling lies, and so forth.

The YouTube series comes as a reminder for human beings to be aware of Satan’s whispers by drawing closer to the teachings of their religion.

Today, we will watch one of Abaleeso shows about vanity. As written on this video, Abalesso comments by saying:

“You may think that my favorite sins are stealing, committing adultery, or drinking alcohols. Actually the sin I enjoy the most is the one you practice the most, without even feeling it: vanity and arrogance. The "I AM BETTER THAN OTHERS" feeling that kicked us all out of Heavens.”

Click below to watch Abaleeso and vanity [Click the CC key for the English subtitles]:

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