Share Your `Eid Greetings and Traditions

By Culture & Entertainment Editor

Share your `Eid greetings and traditions with us and send a greeting to all Muslims Around the World.
Shortly after sunrise on the morning of the first day in Shawwal, Muslims in all parts of the world wake up to perform the congregational `Eid Prayer, gathering the rich and poor, the young and old, in a state of unity and harmony.

In Muslim countries, it is customary in `Eid to eat dates or kahk (Arabic for "cookies") and then visit families, relatives, and friends.

During these visits, people exchange greetings that differ from one country to another. For example, in Bangladesh you find money vendors in the capital selling crisp new notes and newly minted coins at a higher price to scores of customers everyday.

Demand for new money in many Muslim communities also goes up ahead of `Eids when new notes and coins are usually given as gift. However, there is still some differences among Muslims from different cultures; this has proved to be a source of cultural richness and diversity.

Each nation has its own traditions and customs that shape their way of life and consequently affect the way they celebrate. 

Wherever you are — North or South, East or West, tell us about how you prepare for this occasion.

• How do you greet your families and friends? What do you say or do?

• How do you celebrate? Do you go outdoors? Where do you go? Or do you prefer staying at home? What do you do indoors?

• What kind of food do you eat?

• What songs or nashids do you listen to?

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