9/11 Tragedy … How You Remember It in 2012

By Abubakar Kasim
Freelance Writer- Canada

9-11 trag.
We live in an era of extremism where humanity has lost its balance altogether whether in sport, religion, politics, nationalism!

The Sept 11 terrorist attacks are still vivid in the minds of many people. It is one of the recent horrific incidents that contemporary world still remembers well.

Many people around the world have been affected by it in one way or another.

While this horrific mayhem happened in the US, it has become a worldwide event which had resulted to the invasion of other countries, restriction of the people’s movements, the shutting down of many relief organizations, banning certain individuals from travelling to the US and over its airspace, and to the imprisonment of several people in the infamous Guantanamo Bay without due process.

Everyone has his story to tell in relation to this event which had killed more than 3000 people.

I was at the Canada’s busiest airport that day.

The Toronto’s Pearson International Airport had been completely shut down and all the aircrafts were grounded.

The military took over the airport in preparation for unforeseen attacks that could happen from nowhere. They had to be prepared for anything especially from the commercial airlines that were diverted to Toronto.

People were glued to the ticket counter hoping to hear something that would instill a relief into their hearts.

Stranded passengers were anxious of how they could reach to their destinations safely.

People rushed to the airport to enquire about the whereabouts of their loved ones whose flights were diverted to different cities across North America.

Everyone was worried of whether the aircrafts their families were travelling on were safe and were not affected with the attacks.

I, as a ticketing agent,   had nothing new to tell the agitated crowd except to show sympathy and understanding.

They probably knew well that we had little to offer them as we were confused and worried like everyone else. All they were looking for is someone to talk to. There was a line up at the counter and each one would take a turn to talk to us. Just talk.

A husband didn’t know where his wife was.  A bewildered mother was not aware whether her children were alive or were killed from the airplanes that were used as weapons in the attacks.

There were some passengers whose flights had to divert to Toronto. They ended up at a wrong place and at a wrong time as their travel plans did not include the city.  There were children whom we had to comfort and find a place for them to stay due to their flight interruptions.

Everyone was sad and crying. The atmosphere was overwhelmingly doom and gloom. Even the news anchorman on the television screen was not able to control his tears.

It was as if the world had come to an end.

Muslims had died from the attacks in New York and Washington.  They have suffered the most in this tragedy as they have been singled out when travelling.


Sept 11 has many lessons humanity can learn from.

Even though the master minders of this horrific attacks which had targeted civilians were believed to be from the Muslim community, people should refrain from generalization at all cost.

There is enough animosity and hate on the planet and there isn’t the need to ad gas into the flame.

History has taught us that every community – be it religious or otherwise – has hardcore fanatics who do wild things some times.

The media needs to conduct itself professionally and stops harassing the Muslim community who were the victims themselves of this horrific crime.

Muslims had died from the attacks in New York and Washington.  Muslims have suffered the most in this tragedy as they have been singled out when travelling. Their countries were invaded, their people were massacred and many of their charitable organizations have been shut down.

Muslims in many countries of the world are under the threat of indiscriminate bombings from the US bombing aircrafts in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other areas.

While the media loses its senses altogether when a Muslim mad man carries the laws into his own hands, it does not do the same when the alleged conspirator is from other communities.

Terrorism has no color or creed.

It is More About Fanatics

Aside from the generalization, humanity needs to tackle the problem of extremism that has been spreading throughout the world.

In spite of the media’s attempt to portray extremism as a Muslim predicament, the entire humanity is being affected by this deadly disease.

A man like George W. Bush would claim that he was ordained by God who had instructed him to invade Iraq.

There are hardcore fanatics like Timothy McVeigh and the Norwegian bomber who had massacred innocent people in the name of Christianity.

Terrorism has no color or creed.

There are extremist atheists, as Mr. Chris Hedges indicated in his bestselling book, When Atheism Becomes Religion.

We live in an era of extremism where humanity has lost its balance altogether whether in sport, religion, politics, nationalism!

Humanity must study and tackle the reason behind this ailment that is taking its tolls on people’s lives.

We need to pause to reflect and think about the lives that were lost in this tragedy and other human catastrophes around the world.

We need to ask ourselves this question, ‘what went wrong with humanity?

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