It’s Not Peculiar to Meet ‘My Fellow American’

New Initiative About Muslim Americans
By Alex Kronemer and Michael Wolfe
Executive Producers, UPF

American Fellows

UPF (Unity Productions Foundation) has taken a departure from its usual documentary work to respond to the anti-Muslim rhetoric that is spewing daily across the nation's airwaves and filling the public square.  Radio and television personalities, pundits, religious leaders, and even elected officials routinely speak about Islam in very negative terms, seemingly unaware or ignoring the many ways that Muslims participate and contribute to our nation.

In a recent TIME Magazine poll, most Americans say that they have never met a Muslim.  But perhaps they have and don't even know it.

With this new online initiative, we hope to address this critical problem.  Thanks to your generous support and strong commitment to our mission of working for peace through the media, we just launched a new online film called "My Fellow American."

The film juxtaposes a sample of some actual voices of anger and fear with images of everyday Muslim Americans, and makes a strong emotional statement.

Watch this short 2.5 minute of the film, by clicking here.

After watching the short film, the viewer is encouraged to visit the website, where dozens of Americans have already submitted short YouTube stories about a Muslim they know and admire. It calls on people of all faiths to sign a pledge and share the project with their network and affirm that American Muslims are indeed our fellow Americans. The pledge reads:

Muslims are our fellow Americans. They are part of the national fabric that holds our country together. They contribute to America in many ways, and deserve the same respect as any of us. I pledge to spread this message, and affirm our country's principles of liberty and justice for all.

To take the pledge and spread this film and project please go to the My Fellow American website.

We are thrilled to be offering this film and website at such a critical time.

With the upcoming 10 year anniversary of 9/11 and next year's elections, it is our hope that My Fellow American offers a constructive platform for positive action, reflection, and greater understanding.

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