Muslim Singers Celebrate `Eid (Listen)

Songs of `Eid
By Culture & Entertainment Editor

`Eid Mubarak

`Eid Song by Sami Yusuf

La ilaha illallah

Muhammad rasulallah

La ilaha illallah

Muhammad rasulallah

'Alayhi salatullah

'Alayhi salatullah

Children are wearing new clothes

Bright colors fill the streets

Their faces full of laughter

Their pockets full of sweets

Let us rejoice indeed

For this is the day of `Eid



`Eid Mubarak by Seven8Six band

It's a wonderful feeling

with the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling

Its that time of year

`Eid time is here

With the blessings from above

Allah sends his love

and everything's okay

`Eid Mubarak

its our holiday

`Eid Mubarak, `Eid Mubarak

it's a wonderful day

`Eid Mubarak, `Eid Mubarak, `Eid Mubarak

it's a blessed day



Say :M-U-S-L-I-M I'm so blessed to be with them...

say :M-U-S-L-I-M I'm so blessed to be with them...

One billion strong, all year long,

Prayers to Allah even in Hong Kong

You can never be wrong

if you read the Qur'an

Cause it's never been changed since day one.


Allah Knows…

When you feel all alone in this world

And there’s nobody to count your tears

Just remember, no matter where you are

Allah knows

Allah knows

When you carrying a monster load

And you wonder how far you can go

With every step on that road that you take

Allah knows