Have You Ever Been to Makkah?

By Culture & Entertainment Editor

Do you think Makkah can be regarded as a melting pot?
(And proclaim unto humankind the pilgrimage. They will come unto you on foot and on every lean camel; they will come from every deep ravine) (Al-Hajj 22:27).

It is the dream of every Muslim to perform Hajj and visit the Sacred Mosque in Makkah, even once in a lifetime. This serene journey leaves a unique memory in the hearts and minds of the Muslims blessed with making it.

The journey does not start from the moment we put our feet inside the Sacred Mosque but rather from the moment we decide to join the three million Muslims from across the world who perform hajj every year.

Whether you have performed hajj or you are looking forward to performing it in the coming years, you may want to share with us how you look at the city of Makkah:

  • Have you ever been there? Tell us about your memories!
  •  Do you think Makkah can be regarded as a melting pot that gathers different nationalities, cultures, traditions, and ideas from all over the globe?


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