How Do You Welcome Ramadan In Your Culture?

Cultures and Traditions
By Culture & Entertainment Editor

God bless everyone

Muslims celebrate the coming of Ramadan as the sun rises on the very first day of the holy month.

They have the intention to spend its days in continuous joy, devotion, and most importantly, communicating with one another.    

How Muslims celebrate Ramadan varies from one community to the other. This has proved to be a source of cultural richness and diversity.

From the family gatherings, to the songs we sing and listen to, and even the greetings we say to each another.

Wherever you are — North or South, East or West, tell us how you welcome this dear guest.  

• How do you greet your family and friends? What do you say or do?

• What kind of food do you prefer to eat in the Iftar?

• What songs or nashids do you listen to?

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