A Muslim Looking for a Mosque in Warsaw (Input)

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Old town, Warsaw.

Editor's note: Here we present the account of a South African Muslim who was in a trip to Poland. He narrates the difficulties which he faced to find the Muslim community there and the facilities like mosques, Halal restaurants and so forth.

We are sharing his input to encourage Muslim travelers to speak up about obstacles that may meet them during their trips abroad.

From brother Yusuf Bulbulia- South Africa:

As human beings we use to complain all the times, forget to make shukr (thank God) for what we have.

For Muslims in Poland, take the stage and share information about the Muslim community there, places to visit, and facilities for Muslim travelers.

  • Describe your community, the potential among you, and the obstacles.

Especially here in South Africa, we are so lucky that Muslims are recognized. We have Masjids that we can pray our five daily prayers and meet with the community, we have Halal food restaurants which are easily accessible, and we have well-established Islamic organizations like  Jamiatul Ulama South Africa, SANHA, and many others that are doing their best to serve the Muslim community.

I have just come back from Warsaw, Poland, and it saddened me that I could not come across a Masjid or hardly met Muslims. During my entire trip I met just one Muslim man who was intrigued to meet a South African Muslim with a beard, and he was overwhelmed.

When I asked him about a Masjid to which I can go for prayers he said he performs his everyday prayers at home with his family; as for Jumah (Friday) prayer they have to travel a distance.

I thank Allah that we have many Masjids in every city & town in South Africa. This is a great blessing!

May Allah grant us the taqwa (piety) to thank Him; may Islam grow further in South Africa as well in every other country in the world.

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