Your `Eid -Your Budget! (How Do You Cope?)

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By Family Editorial Board

Eid Adha
Fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, it has been a difficult year. What was affordable last year, right now may seem to be unaffordable.

 Have you had to cut your spending on food, heating, gifts, education, holidays etc?

 What have you had to do without this `Eid?

 Did you have to forgo udhiyya, and if so did you find an alternative?

 Have you found solutions that others could benefit from?

 What else would you like to share with u about your `Eid?

Share with us your trials as a result of the economic crisis, and share with us the lessons your family has learnt because of it…


We wish you all a blessed `Eid and may your next step be the right one!

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