Unleashing Your Special Talents!

Star Search
By Heba Alshareef
Freelance Writer- Canada

Young Wajih is an Islamic School teacher’s worst nightmare.  He’s also the one who is loved the most in his class.  When he graduated from the 8th grade, all his teachers said the same thing - 
“Wajih?  May Allah guide him, he’s such a handful, but somehow I can’t get mad at him - W’Allahi he’s a pure joy!”

Indeed, Wajih’s marks are witness to the fact that he is not the most studious of students.  His reserved VIP seat in the principal’s office has distracted the top man from many a task. But, if the truth be told, Principal Mohammed quite enjoys it when he sees Wajih sheepishly entering his office: 

“He’s like a breath of fresh air,” he tells me, “and although I feel bad that his distractive behavior has him missing out on classes, I really like our time together.  But, certainly, how does one solve a problem like Wajih?”

Indeed, how do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

Although academics may not be Wajih’s strongest suit, there is an obvious talent that he has, and it seems as though he has no difficulty in letting it shine.
And he’s not the only one with talent; everybody has one or two, or more.  They are gifts from Allah SWT and if you haven’t found yours yet,  get ready for your own personal “Star Search” episode.

A Skill or a Talent?


People confuse ‘ability or skill’ with ‘talent’.  The difference is that the former can be attained, but the latter is innate.  By focusing only on skill, one can certainly survive and perhaps prosper.  But, by harnessing natural talent, one can soar.  And, defining the ultimate vision that life coaching always stresses, will be easy. Take out your journal, and answer the following:

• Are you doing things that allow you to follow your passions as opposed to focusing on what earns a living?

• Are you using your talents or have you buried them beneath your fears?

• Are you still growing, or just getting older?

If this exercise has saddened you, and you’re thinking, “But I have no talent!”  My response would be, “Phooey!”  As I said before, everyone has.  It’s just a matter of unlocking them.  So, keep those journals out and really reflect on the following:

• Has there ever been a time when you tried to learn something entirely new and it just came naturally to you?

• What are the things you gravitate towards - the tasks that are rooted in your natural talents?

• What gives you a burning sense of fulfillment and makes you, well, happy?

• Do people compliment you on some ability or behavior? 

These exercises may take time, but the results will, insha-Allah, be the catapult you’ve been waiting for. Your talent(s), when allowed to thrive in a manner that is pleasing to Allah SWT, can be the backbone of unleashing your ultimate potential. And don’t minimize your level of talent.  Think of Mrs. Fields, who had a great talent for making chocolate chip cookies.  Think A`isha, may Allah be pleased with her, who had a multitude of talents, but the one we are most benefiting from was her amazing ability to memorize the things her husband, Prophet Muhammad (SAW), said.

And think of Wajih, whose infectious smile, witty sense of humor, and ability to bring lightness to the heaviest of situations, could melt an iceberg.  I wonder where his talents will lead him to.

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