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Recpies and Ramadan


Ramadan is the month that comes to remind us of the beauty that abounds in simplicity. No less important to that simplicity is the way we break our fast every evening, and how we end that with Suhur (the meal before we fast).

We would like to introduce some recipes to your kitchen this Ramadan.

Bon Appétit

Salata Mashwiyya (Grilled Pepper Salad)

Lab-e-Shirin (Fruit Dessert)

We cannot forget our children, who are always on the lookout for that special treat! Lab-e-Shirin is not only simple, but is full of nutrition, so give it a try! Select any fruit that is preferred by your family, in fact, select a variety of fruit.



Mjaddara‎ (Creamed Lentils & Rice)

If you are running short of time, had a long week and do not feel like being in the kitchen, or meat is just a bit of a luxury right now, or you happen to be vegetarian, Mjaddara is the tasty meal for you. This is an inexpensive Palestinian dish which is shared by Syria and Lebanon, and takes no time at all to cook.



Baba Ghannouj (Smoked Aubergine Dip)

Baba Gannouj is an easy to make recipe that is traditional to Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. One can also find versions of this recipe throughout the Mediterranean, and Europe. Highly nutritious, the recipe can be a starter/appetizer for a main meal, a dip or a salad. Additionally, it is delicious as a snack with pitta bread if you want to maintain a healthy diet.



Homemade, Low-Fat Hummus bil-Tahina (Chickpeas With Tahina)

Hummus is a very popular Middle Eastern dip, especially in Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean. The Arabic word hummus means chickpea. Tahini or tahina is the paste of sesame seed, which one stirs into pureed chickpeas. The more yoghurt and lemon juice are used the creamier and more liquid the dip will be.




Quenching That Summer Thirst

Have fun taking control of your thirst, your health, and your budget; and give thanks to Almighty Allah for providing us with thirst-quenching juices in biodegradable packages!



Jamaican Papaya Salad

Papaya is one of the most commonly found fruits within the islands of the Caribbean, and it is used both as a fruit and as a vegetable, depending on when it is picked and cooked.

As this Ramadan falls on the tail-end of summer, what could be more refreshing to have with your iftar than a papaya salad. Easy to digest and rich with vitamins A, C, and calcium and low in calories, there is no kinder way to reactivate your digestive juices.



Salata Mashwiyya (Grilled Pepper Salad )

Tunisian food is heavily based on olive oil, tomatoes, and fresh bread. Unlike its North African neighbors, the food also tends to be very spicy. Mashwiyya is a traditional to Tunisia, which employs any suitable vegetable as a side dish. The benefits of olive oil on the healthy maintenance of the digestive system, is well established.



Summer Juices


Wojapi (Wo-zha-pee) is a traditional recipe found among the Cherokee, Lakhota, Sioux, and Cheyienne Native American Indian tribes. It is made with fresh wild berries collected, dried, and preserved for use through the winter, and it is served at many Indian and Cajun gatherings. Wojapi is part of the social fabric, of a people connected to the land.



Ruz bil-Leban ( Rice Pudding )

Rice pudding is a dessert enjoyed by people of different cultures all over the world. Recipes can greatly vary even within a single country. The dessert can be boiled or baked. Different types of pudding vary depending on preparation methods and the ingredients selected.


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