Are You an Abusive Spouse? (Test Yourself)

By Family Editorial Board


Abuse is the deliberate act of causing physical or mental suffering of one's spouse. 

This can make an abused spouse feel: 

• Worthless

• Ashamed and withdrawn

• Anxious – especially in the presence of the abuser‎

• Lacking self-confidence

• Fearful about the future

• Helpless

Test Yourself:

1. Do you verbally insult your spouse?

  Yes  No

2. Threatened your spouse

  Yes  No

3. Hurt your spouse physically  

Yes  No

4. Prevented your wife from going out to work  

Yes  No

5. Prevented your husband from socializing  

Yes  No

6. Prevented your wife from managing the domestic finance  

Yes  No

7. Prevented your spouse from having enough money to deal with their basic needs of life  

Yes  No

8. Prevented your spouse from visiting their relatives

Yes  No

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