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On Mother’s Day Occasion
By Family Editorial Board

In Islam, kids should be kind to parents all the year round; showing compassion and love to parents are not restricted to one day.

Being marked on various dates in different parts of the world, Mother’s Day stands as a time to celebrate motherhood and maternal bond.

In Islam, kids should be kind to parents all the year round; showing compassion and love to parents are not restricted to one day.

Allah Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an: “{Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him and that you be kind to parents. Whether one or both attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of contempt nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor. And out of kindness lower to them the wing of humility and say, "My Lord, bestow on them Your mercy as they cherished me in childhood."} (Al-Israa' 17:23-24)

[Read more about parents-kids relation in this special coverage]

This folder, presented to you by Onislam's Family & Society, is a collection of pieces written by mothers or kids, expressing their feelings towards the role they play for each other.


My Job Is a Full-time Mother

I remember the countless times I sat up in bed after putting my first-born daughter to sleep and saying to my husband as tears fell down my cheeks, “I just hate feeling like I’m not doing anything.” Not doing anything? He would look at me, somewhat puzzled, and say, “But you do so much, masha’Allah.”

Yet I wasn’t referring to number of stories I had read or spoonfuls of baby food I had offered. I was referring to the void I had inside because as a full-time mother, I felt unaccomplished in the areas of life that society had taught me truly mattered... [Read more]




The Family Bed in Islam

A Muslim mother is available to her child. A Muslim father is available to his child. We know that with parent-child attachment comes the emotional security that is necessary for developing a healthy inner self-confidence. The message we want to get across to our child is, "If you have a problem, come to me. If you are afraid, tell me about it. If you are lonely, I am here." We are not interested in cultivating independence before the child is ready for it.

If a baby cries in the night, it is because they want their mama! Who can blame them? Close physical contact is also essential to the swift recovery of a premature infant. It is recommended for weak and small babies to be held skin to skin with a parent for several hours a day. [Read more]




Am I Ready for a Baby? A New Mum Wonders

One day I woke up and I remembered my grandmother when she was talking to her daughters who were complaining of our fuss. I remembered clearly what she said:   

"if you decide to have a child, and then prepare yourself to change the life that you have always known forever. You won't be able to eat while sitting, or drink a cup of tea while relaxing and watching TV. It's a hard job and if you want it then be ready and don't complain because even at their worst moments and devilish actions they are a blessing from God that He granted to you and deprived someone else of; so be thankful for what you have." [Read more]



A Mother's Experience in the Toy Store

Although the store was full of attractive toys, my little girl did not find any of them interesting. Rather she internally starts to grow a need for achieving a new target: having a laptop!

It took me about half an hour to convince my daughter that she is still too young for owing a laptop. Finally we reached a compromise that when she wants to play games on the internet; mummy will allow her to use her laptop for an hour. And this can only happen once a day. I discovered what made her perplexed that she has many friends and relatives of her same age who have laptops! [Read more]



a_mothers_story_385Mom for the First Time

Although motherhood is an awesome stage, a few hardships will stand in the way of this awesomeness. Aside from the usual pains after giving birth, breastfeeding was the first hardship I faced, but with a little patience, all the pains were evaded, and it became a time of great joy for both of us.

Mind that your body is working 24 hours a day to be at the baby's disposal, so don't ever think of diet or weight loss. My pediatrician advised me to follow my hunger, have well-balanced meals, and take in lots of fluids to keep me hydrated... [Read more]


the_conscious_consumer-355378922-1269907577I Like Them Boiled, You Like Them Fried

I have two daughters with two distinct ways of eating their eggs.  One likes to eat them boiled (and it must be done perfectly – not runny nor dry); the other likes fried eggs (an omelet with cheese is her favorite).   As you can imagine, satisfying the two without making a big mess in the kitchen can be a hassle.

Each ‘egg breakfast’ morning, a debate ensues. On one hand I’m trying to get them to reach an agreement (maybe today both can have boiled and tomorrow fried), but from their side they’re insisting to get what they want.

Suffice it to say I never win and please don’t call me on the fact that there are always dishes in my sink. [Read more]


A-young-muslim-mother-rea-006Being a Working Mother

Working mothers do face hardships every time they leave the comforts of their home to go to work. Some have faced discrimination in the workplace while others have struggled with homesickness. "When I was living in the US, I definitely felt discriminated against at certain points in my professional life," said Monica Mohammed, who is a systems engineer, architect, and mother of four.

"I was expected to be more dedicated to my job than to my family." Monica added that even if her boss knew that she had a conflict between staying late at the office or going to pick up her child from daycare, she was expected to quietly take care of it and did not receive any flexibility from her employer…[Read more]



Industry_Forestry_shutterstock_20094175Mother Sells Firewood to Educate Her Daughter

Every morning, a mother in this remote hamlet near Tangdhar taking responsibility of father goes deep into the jungle to collect firewood.

She sells it to her neighbors for earnings to educate her only daughter. 27-year old Gulshan roams in the forests to collect the firewood to earn extra bucks as she can’t sustain her little family from a meager salary of Rs 150 which she gets for working as a sweeper in Government Boys Primary School, Baghbella. Gulshan is widow. [Read more]


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