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By Family Editorial Board

Motherhood: Is it a Choice?

Everyone in this world has a space of freedom to take decisions and make choices. However, sometimes we take things for granted and don’t bother ourselves to have a further contemplation over them.

Motherhood is an example of these important matters that women in general take for granted.

When many think of motherhood, the first person that comes to their mind is the woman. In fact, motherhood means a husband and a wife, a child and a family. But, still the woman remains the center of the whole issue.

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Based on this, we like to open this platform to discuss how people view “motherhood”. Take a stop and share your ideas:

  1. Is motherhood a woman’s choice? Is she free to plan for having a baby?
  2. If motherhood is a choice, then whose choice should it be: a wife, or a husband, or both?
  3. And what if the couple is having conflicting choices and views?

Share your views with us and expect interesting articles about this issue that will certainly enrich the discussion.

Please use the comment box at the bottom to write your point of view.

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