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By Family Editorial Board

You ask, counselor Aliah Azmeh answers
Online Counseling Session
Dear OnIslam Friends,
Unfortunately, due to unforeseen reasons we had to cancel the live session with counselor Aliah Azmeh. In sha' Allah we will announce soon for the coming live session. 
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Counseling Team
  • For any questions or comments, please send to the Counseling service's editor via this email address.
  • Keep tuned for our coming live sessions.

About the Counselor:

Aliah F. Azmeh is a licensed clinical social worker who practices in Detroit, Michigan. Aliah graduated with a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan in 2007 and has experience working in the United States and overseas. Aliah currently works as a clinical social worker and provides individual, family, and marital counseling at Muslim Family Services in Detroit, MI.

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