Happy New You (Special)

Ramadan Lessons
By Family Editorial Board

This Ramadan, what changes have you brought to your life?

Ramadan is almost over; this month has been full of blessings and opportunities.

 Muslims have been busy to grasp the merits of this month; they have tried strongly to break bad habits,  writing a new page for their lifestyle.

In this special folder, we collect outstanding tips features that help Muslims throughout Ramadan fight back the bad habits and life routines.

Check our tips and share your comments.



Breaking Those Addictions During  Ramadan

Ramadan is always the month where people talk about making changes, engaging in good deeds and breaking bad habits, i.e., the non-beneficial deeds. But does it really work? How does one really engage in breaking those bad habits?

Though I am not professor in sociology, and am still self-studying such behavioral sciences, I do believe in the heartiest of hearts that bad habits can be broken.  And this is especially true during Ramadan… [Read more]



Stop All Bad Habits?

Spiritual energy, motivation, and high ambition are very crucial sides of Ramadan for almost every Muslim.

Having that strong will to get over our desires and even our very basic needs for the whole month is something we should use and build on to get the maximum benefits of Ramadan… [Read more]



Challenge: Put Your Worries at Allah’s Hands

We often say “we believe” but often times it is difficult for us to truly say “I submit to His will”.

I usually think about the times when things may not be going the way I planned or despite all my efforts, things may not have worked out the way I hoped. Many times, the first human emotions to such events are disappointment, worry, fear, sorrow and/or frustration… [Read more]



A Special Ramadan with Prophet Muhammad

Every year, few weeks before Ramadan, I usually start to plan for what I’m going to do during this holy month.

Every Ramadan I hope that it will be a new beginning for my relation with Allah; I keep on promising Allah that I’ll be a good Muslim and I’ll fight back all bad habits during this blessed month.

However, the promise has never been fulfilled! [Read more]



Ramadan: A Month for the Heart

Very special moments have come again for us Muslims to seek God’s mercy and to purify our hearts.

In this month, we abstain from many enjoyable, and most regular, daily activities like eating and drinking. And by doing so, we feel what the needy have to go through on a regular basis… [Read more]

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