Petition to Support Rohingya Muslims

Stop Violence against Muslims
By Family Editorial Board

Act now, begin with yourself, tell your community about the plight of Muslims in Myanmar.

The Rohingya are the Muslim people who live in the Arakan region in western Myanmar. As of 2012, the population of Rohingyas in Myanmar is 800,000. According to the UN, they are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.

However, in June 2012, a brutal violence campaign against the Rohingya started.

Violence flared after the rape and murder of a Buddhist woman in May, followed by an attack on a bus carrying Muslims.

Then, a state of emergency was declared in Rakhine in June after deadly clashes between Buddhists and Muslims.

And because Muslims are a minority, they were the weak party, they were killed, they had their homes burnt and their women raped under the eyes of the government forces.

Then, the government forces went further in the discrimination and prosecution to take part in the killing.

Human Rights Watch report states that government forces are continuing to persecute Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine state after failing to protect them during deadly clashes in June.

Security forces had killed and raped members of the Rohingya group and arrested hundreds of others, the report also said.

Accurate information or numbers are extremely difficult to reach because the authorities have stopped journalists and aid workers from getting to most sensitive parts of the state. This is according to the BBC.

Nevertheless, it has become very clear that the violence has displaced hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and killed thousands while the world is turning a blind eye to the continuous crimes.

It is a clear fact now that the world powers and international community do not bother with human rights issues unless it is related to their business and their own profits in a way or another.

We are calling on everybody to take a stand against this human right violation. Begin with yourself and spread awareness about the case of Rohingya Muslims. You can:

  1. Share this petition link in your social network profiles and pass the information about  tragedy happening in Myanmar on to your friends.
  2. Print this petition and circulate it in your community as a way of raising awareness.
  3. Contact the human rights NGOs and organizations in your city asking them to take a stand against this genocide.

Act now, begin with yourself.


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