To Me, It’s Westernized Marriage Tradition!

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By Akinde Hafiz
Freelance Writer- Nigeria

wedding ring as traditional
Many sisters who are not given wedding ring on the day of nikkah would seriously show a feeling of gross discontent.

As I view, the impact of western culture on Muslims in some parts of Africa can never be overemphasized. This is evident in our thought pattern and our disposition towards religious issues. The brains of Muslims have been infiltrated with western ideas such that they have become replicas of the secularist mind.

The westernization of some Muslims  is ensured through various means, western education being the foremost. What is more painful is that Muslims are being westernized on a daily basis even in Muslim schools, and by Muslim teachers because of their complete adoption of western values, and their boycotting of Islamic high values. This was what our forefathers at the home front saw in those days which made them to disallow their wards from receiving any form of training from the missionaries and colonialists.

This piece merely reflects the personal opinion of the author.  It envisions his idea about wedding traditions as he pinpoints.

It is your turn, share your views about what the author mentions here. How far do you agree or disagree with the idea proposed in this op-ed?

To me, what makes an ideal Muslim personality is the combination of his mentality and disposition towards issues. So an ideal personality is a person who views things under the microscope of his faith and seeks to solve all the problems he encounters the Islamic way.

But today, Muslims have adopted alien ideas, and they implement them on issues that are sometimes fundamental to their creed.

I Have a Problem With Bachelor Party!

Nowadays, it is a common practice among would-be spouses to organize what is called bachelor’s or spinster’s eve; where they gather with their friends on the eve of their nikkah (marriage). The rationale behind these gatherings is for the would-be spouse to catch some fun with his or her friends, who are also single and for the friends to officially bid him/her farewell from the world of bachelorhood or spinsterhood. Findings have however shown that this practice is more common among the women folk.

In some of these gatherings, they sing all sorts of songs and crack jokes; using uncensored languages among themselves.

Marriage is an act of worship i.e. it is a religious affair, therefore any good thing that comes out of it is halal (lawful). Although, some people claim that it is part of their culture to observe such protocols; the most correct position is that this practice is common in areas where western education is prevalent.

Also rampant among Muslims is the practice of cutting cakes during nikkah ceremonies. Today, a lot of people consider a nikkah not standard enough if this is not done. So, one wonders if this is the standard of Allah. Which book did they read it from?  Of what importance is cutting cake? What is the point of correlation between cake and nikkah?

Today, a lot of people consider  nikkah not standard enough if it is done without the wedding cake.

Jalabia or Wedding Suit!

The wedding ring is another case worthy of mentioning. Most people feel that the insertion of ring on the couple’s finger is a major part of nikkah proceedings, and at times many sisters who are not given wedding ring on the day of nikkah would seriously show a feeling of gross discontent.

Also, the notion that a man will not take a second wife because he is wearing a wedding ring is not only false; it is also misleading. The proponents of this erroneous belief are being unrealistic because wedding ring is of no significance in Islam. It should be noted that the companion of the Prophet who gave a ring to his wife as her bride price did so out of poverty, because he had nothing else he could present to her. So there is no valid case for wedding ring (as practiced in the west) in Islam.

The wedding gown is also typical of most Muslim’s wedding ceremonies where the husband wears a pair of suit, while his wife wears a wedding gown which scarcely covers her hair.

It is shameful that people will blatantly blame any Muslim who wears Jalabia and a turban on his nikkah ceremony but will extol the one who wears western attire!

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Akinde Hafiz is the editor-in-chief of Al-Minbar magazine, a Lagos based independent Islamic magazine.

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