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Morsi Supporters Rally in Million March

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Morsi Supporters Rally in Million March

CAIRO – Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians rallied on Saturday, December 1, in support for Egypt’s first democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi, as constitutional assembly planned to hand out the county’s newly drafted constitutional charter within hours.

"We are here to support the decisions of Dr Mohamed Morsi," Hend Abdellateef, an Egyptian who joined Saturday’s march told Agence France Presse (AFP).

“We support him because those decisions were a part of the revolutionary demands.”

Assembly Approves Egypt Constitution Draft

Morsi’s Opponents Rally Against Decree

Thousands of Egyptians converged on Cairo Saturday in a show of support for Morsi, his controversial decrees and the recently passed draft constitution.

The rally, centered outside Cairo University, was called by the Muslim Brotherhood, which backed Morsi, and its allies in the Salafi El-Nour party.

Veiled women ululated among the protesters who carried Egyptian flags and posters of Morsi.

Banners were also hanged reading: "Together (with Morsi) to save the revolution".

"There are people who want instability," said Khaled, one of the demonstrators, referring to anti-Morsi protesters.

"There needs to be a constitution for there to be stability."

Hundreds of thousands of pro-Morsi protests were also staged in huge rallies in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria and the central Egyptian province of Assiut.

Supporters’ rallies followed protests planned by opponents of President Morsi in a show of force last Tuesday and Friday.

New Era

Demonstrators, estimated by the CNN at 2 million, supported the newly drafted constitution.

"We want this phase to end, we want a constitution,” one protester said, as others chanted: "The people want the implementation of God's law."

“If people don't like the constitution, let them say so through the ballot boxes," he added.

The demonstration in the heart of Cairo comes a day after crowds thronged to Tahrir Square to protest against the president's decree and the speedy adoption of the draft constitution.

The assembly concluded the vote early on Friday after a marathon session that lasted 19 hours, approving all articles including less presidential powers, the status of Islam and the military's role.

President Morsi is expected to ratify the document by Saturday, allowing a referendum to be held as soon as mid-December on a text the Islamists say reflects Egypt's new freedoms.

It is expected to go to a popular referendum within two weeks.

If Egyptians approve the constitution, legislative powers will pass straight from Morsi to the upper house of parliament, in line with an article in the new constitution, assembly members said.

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