Ramadan Countdown: Ready? (Folder)

Preparing for The Best Month of the Year
By Reading Islam Staff

If we are searching for inner peace, in the countdown to Ramadan it is important to train and control our inner self.
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With only a few weeks and days left for the start of Ramadan, it is very important for all Muslims, new Muslims and born Muslims, to get ready for this important event.

Ramadan is not only about abstaining from food, drink and intimate relations from dawn till sunset, but a blessed month of worship, obedience and total submission to God.

For such an important moral and spiritual journey, we need to prepare to nurture our heart, soul, and mind.

God says:

{The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the Criterion (of right and wrong). And whosoever of you is present, let him fast the month, and whosoever of you is sick or on a journey, (let him fast the same) number of other days.

Allah desires for you ease; He desires not hardship for you; and (He desires) that ye should complete the period, and that ye should magnify Allah for having guided you, and that peradventure ye may be thankful.} (Al-Baqarah 2:185)

In order to reach our destination, this folder provides a collection of useful resources to warm up and get ready to reap the benefits of the best month of the year.

May it be a blessed month for all.


  Ramadan, Worship & Spirituality


Ramadan is a great opportunity to better worship God, to get closer to Him and ascend in spirituality, each night and each day.


Spiritual Readiness for Ramadan

Why is stepping up spirituality for Ramadan a must for Muslims? Sincerity coupled with determination to please God opens a wingspan of Mercy as well as hearts that will continue to accept the Quran.

Fasting: A Habit or an Act of Spiritual Devotion? 

Do you feel happy about the arrival of Ramadan? Or does it get you down? Or do you have mixed feelings? Find out how to make Ramadan the beginning of a change for the better...

  Warm up


On our way to Allah, there are many obstacles and hardships. Learning about these obstacles is important to be able to overcome them.


Spiritually Gearing Up for Ramadan

Ramadan is like a gentle breeze that hastens to cool a sweltering summer night. However, just as quickly as it arrives, it bids farewell much too soon, so get ready to welcome Ramadan today

Ramadan: Reclaiming Yourself

Was there a time in your life when you seemed to be more productive? When you were able to do a lot in just a short amount of time? When you had more energy and motivation? More blessing in your sleep?

  Plan & Strategy


The first step on our spiritual journey in Ramadan starts with the right intention, and is followed by many other steps. Make your Plan.


Ramadan: Another Chance to Get It Right

Reflect on all that went wrong with you last Ramadan and list all the unfortunate slip-ups you had. It is best to prepare early, so when Ramadan comes we are spared from another hurried encounter.


Make This Ramadan Your Best Ramadan Ever

Have you prepared your plan for Ramadan? A few days and the best month of the year will be here! Have you prepared for it? What is your program for this blessed month? Discover some useful tips.

  Ramadan in Their Words


This is what Ramadan meant for them, and what the blessed month did to their life.


This Ramadan, I Will…

Do you want this Ramadan to be a real change in your life? Good planning is the road to success. Have you prepared your Ramadan plan? If not, discover some useful hints for the best month of the year.

Ramadan: A New Muslim Woman's Reflections

I found myself wanting more from Ramadan than just thinking about being hungry. I wanted to get the spiritual benefits and the feeling of connection with my Lord. So I devised a plan...
A German Teen Discovers Islam
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