The Wise Leader (Peace be upon him)

Inspired by Prophet Muhammad
By Reading Islam Staff


Prophet Muhammad: The World's Best Teacher

Some of the most influential people in our lives are teachers.Most of us can remember our very first teacher in school, the one who taught us our ABC's and the proper rules of the playground.

Prophet Muhammad’s Smile

Islam is more than a religion; it is an entire way of life. It teaches us how to behave from morning until night

Muslim-Christian Interfaith Meeting

How the Prophet Brought About Positive Change

The greatest, most profound change in history happened peacefully.Nevertheless, it was truly decisive.

How Prophet Muhammad Resolved Disputes

There can be several underlying causes or reasons.


Balance in Loving Prophet Muhammad (Video)

The Prophet Muhammad was a teacher, guide, and leader.

Hadith of the Day
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: "Whoever is kind, Allah will be kind to him; therefore be kind to man on the earth and He Who is in heaven will show mercy on you."(Abu Dawud & Tirmidhi)
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First published in January 2013
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