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The Best Month of the Year:
By Reading Islam Staff

Ramadan a month of Mercy
Ramadan is the month of mercy

Muslims all over the world wait eagerly for the month of Ramadan, the ninth month in the lunar calendar. They view it as the best month of the year.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us how to care for  spiritual wellbeing.

Ramadan is a special month of mercy and the best time to refine our souls.

Read more on the significance of Ramadan to Muslims.

Muslims abstain from drinking, eating and having sexual relations with their spouses from dawn to dusk in Ramadan. Such abstention teaches Muslims the true meanings of self restraint. Read more about what do Muslims gain from fasting

The first Ramadan for new Muslims is a memorable one. Read how several new Muslims remember their first Ramadan and how they faced the challenge of fasting and as a result strengthened their faith…

Prophet Muhammad taught us step by step how to care for the spiritual wellbeing of our souls, and not to focus only on the physical demands of our bodies. Fasting was the best school to teach us this valuable lesson. Read more….

Q & As about Ramadan

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