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The Quran in Focus

OnIslam Staff

The Quran: Divine Guidance and a source of healing to cures sad heart
The Quran

The Noble Quran … the last message from God to mankind.

What do you know about it?

Here is a selection of articles and questions addressing different issues of this Divine Book.

Welcome to the world of the Quran.




The Story of the Quran

The human mind “can operate only on the basis of perceptions previously experienced by that very mind, either in their entirety, or in some of their constituent elements.

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Manipulations and Inadequacies of Quran Translations


Some misconceptions about Islam arise from the mistranslation of certain words or verses. Have Quran translations played a role in deliberately giving a false or negative impression about Islam?

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The Quran & Stories of Prophets

The Quran includes many stories of prophets that teach us wisdom and important lessons. Read about some of the stories in the Quran.

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A Source of Healing

Do you find the Quran a source of healing for your worries? How does it cure a sad heart? What should one do for God's words to enter our hearts? Indeed by God’s remembrance are hearts reassured...

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The Moral World of the Quran


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