A Happy Marriage Makes a Healthy Family

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 A Happy Marriage Makes a Healthy Family1
In Islam concept of family and marriage has a strong a profound grounding
A happy marriage needs a solid foundation and continuous care to grow and flourish.

If love, care, and respect are lacking, any relationship would be in vain, and marriage is no exception.

In Islam we have a wealth of divine guidelines and wisdom to ensure Muslims succeed in building healthy families, even in today's complicated, unstable and fast changing world.

In Islam the rights and responsibilities of husband and wife are very well-defined, and so are the rights and duties of parents towards their children. The role of Islamic law in this context is to ensure that each partner gets all their rights, with both treating each other honorably with full respect. Even in case of dispute, honor and mutual respect should still govern the spouses' relationship.

This folder sheds light on the different phases a marriage goes through in Islam, starting from the initial engagement stage, and gives expert answers to questions often asked.

Considering Marriage 


When Reverts Marry - Battling the Culture Clash

When you enter into an inter-cultural marriage, language barriers follow soon after. It doesn't matter how fluent a person may be in the other's language, they will still make mistakes...

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Marriage... What Does That Mean to You?

When a marriage becomes merely a wedding and a lavish party then what does it become after all the money is spent and all that is left is two people who barely know each other - never mind love each other - for the sake of God?

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Success in Marriage: Is It All About Compromise?

When we exchange our single life for a marriage, it is necessary for us to learn the importance of becoming a couple. Because marriages work best when couples work together..

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 A Noble Sentiment or Fake Love?

According to Islam “Is it bad to have a love affair?” What harm does it cause to have a pre-marital love affair? And how do both of them know that it is for passing time and for having fun?

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