Reverts' Journey After Shahadah (Folder)

New Muslims After the Shahadah Stage
By Reading Islam Staff

Sometimes converting or reverting to Islam is one of the easiest steps. There is still a long journey ahead. Be prepared.
Journey Ahead

Remember that feeling of inner peace after taking Shahadah?

It was a very special moment for most reverts, an important turning point in their lives.

But the Shahadah was only the first step on a long journey in search for God, a journey that needs patience, knowledge, understanding and a lot of wisdom.

New Muslims, especially those living in non-Muslim countries, have their unique needs and circumstances that relate to the environment and conditions they live in.

The idea of change is often not that easy: A change of lifestyle, of priorities and interests, together on the other side with a change of perceptions and attitudes of family and friends towards most reverts. This transition takes time, and needs clear directions and sincere guidance and advice.

This folder is a practical guide to help new Muslims go through a smooth transition and take the first steps of practicing Islam, living by its principles and coping with the challenges confronting them on their way to a new life of peace.

Welcome to Islam, and best wishes for a happy and fruitful journey on your Path to Allah.


  Living as a Muslim

Practical tips and spiritual guidance for the journey ahead.


Standing Strong in a Mad World

I sometimes have difficulty in my life keeping on the Straight Path. I often feel isolated but there is one thing I look forward to and that is the Friday Prayer at the local mosque...


Muslim Youth on the Least Trodden Path

Many young people complain that they have no one who listens to them with an open heart. Mentoring the Muslim youth takes wisdom, patience and the ability to see this world through their eyes.


A Well-Balanced Life After Conversion

How to Tell Your Parents About Your Conversion

Seeking Good Companions

Faith Travels, Cultures Don’t!

Managing Ramadan with Your Non-Muslim Family

Holding On to Who You Are

Balanced Islam: Ethics vs. Today’s Challenges

Serving Humanity (Imam Zaid Shakir)

UK Sisters Face the Challenges of Conversion

After Takbir: Advice to a Muslim Convert

Changing a New Muslim’s Name: Custom or Religious?

Twelve Tips for New Muslims

How to Accommodate New Converts

UK Reverts Shine at the Muslim Now Retreat

First Chapter of the Quran: Unlike Any Other

Learning to Pray

  A Deeper Understanding

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “Wisdom is the lost property of the believer, wherever he finds it he has the right to take it.”


Islam in Cyber Space

Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make a path to Paradise easy for him.


The Ultimate Source of Knowledge

Many new Muslims find that it is through the Quran that they become acquainted with Islam and the sudden interest in the faith sends them on a life-changing experience.


Learning Islam the Right Way

Tariq Ramadan’s 7 Cs of Seeking Knowledge

Being Fair About Gender Segregation

Seeking Knowledge: The Guiding Light

In Pursuit of Knowledge: Tips for New Muslims

Tips For Growing in Faith

The Moral World of the Quran

  Get to Know God

To know God, His attributes, and how to get closer to Him are all part of  an important process to establish a close personal relation with our Creator.


Feeling the Infinite Love of God

There are no prerequisites to fulfill or procedures to follow. There are no permissions to be sought. The doors to God’s remembrance are open at all times.


“My Mercy Prevails Over My Wrath”

Allah’s mercy, which is bestowed on all His creatures, is seen in everything we lay eyes on: in the sun that provides light and heat, and in the air and water that are essential for all the living .


Thinking Well of God

Touching Hearts With A Beautiful Message

Dr. Imad Bayoun on Allah’s Forgiveness (Watch)

Tawakkul: Reliance on God

O Allah, Protect Us from Ourselves


  Be Proactive

Contribute to the reform of  your community, don't become isolated.


Muslim Minority: Integration or Isolation?

Today’s da`wah (call to Allah) requires believers who don’t just say la illah illa Allah (There’s no God but Allah) but who have it deeply engraved upon their hearts.


Reverts and their Muslim Communities

Isolation is scary, and it’s not easy to face troubles and challenges when being alone. Sometimes converting or reverting to Islam is one of the easiest steps, belying a difficult journey ahead..


Tariq Ramadan: Western Muslims Beyond Integration

How to Strike Balance Between Work and Worship

Culture Shock: New Muslims in Muslim Countries

Community Responsibility Towards New Muslims

The Prophet's Guidance for New Muslim Youth

Search for The Best Companions

  Live a Balanced Life of Peace


How to find inner peace and establish the right balance in life.


Achieving Certainty in Life

 Calamities without doubt test our faith, and this is why the Prophet taught us to pray for certainty – so that these calamities are made easier


How to Have a Sound Heart?

Why is it even important to keep the heart alive? What is so important about our heart? What is a heart that is sound? What does it mean? And how do we attain it?


  They Found Islam and Grew in Faith


Behind each story is a life experience, including some trials and hardships that have taken them from one extreme to the other ending with a stronger faith.


I Finally Have a Purpose in Life

Converting to Islam made me feel different. It made me feel absolutely peaceful. Converting to Islam gave me that peace and security and the balance that I needed in my life...


It Was the Best Change That Ever Happened to Me

I care about people much deeper than I did before. Since I converted to Islam I just learned to love people and I’ve learned to care for them and help them. And I get pleasure from helping them...

One Step From Me, Two Steps From God

From Paganism to Islam

Why Did This Denver Family Choose Islam?

After Rejecting Islam for 23 Years Dad Died Muslim

Visiting a Mosque Helped Me Discover Islam

Titiana from Kyrgyzstan Finds Islam

How an American Lady Found Islam

How a Former Detroit Policewoman Found Islam

God Took Me from Rio to Dubai (Watch)

New Yorker Finds Peace and Islam in Abiquiu Hills

A Horse-Rider's Journey to Islam

I Made the Change - Now What?

Benevolence Australia Assisting New Muslims

My Innate Curiosity Led Me to the Qur'an

From Atheism, to Christianity to Islam

How an Average Dutch Guy Became Muslim

I Found Islam Through Trials

My Daughter Is a Muslim

From Darkness, I Can See the Light

My Search for Moral Guidance Led Me to Islam

My Journey Through Prayers

Sarah Joseph on Countering Muslim Stereotypes

From Troubled Waters of Doubt to Shore of Belief-1

From Troubled Waters of Doubt to Shore of Belief-2

Sister Amy's Journey to Islam (Part 1)

Sister Amy's Journey to Islam (Part 2)

Sister Amy's Journey to Islam (Part 3)

Go Find Peace and Work for It

My Life Was Nothing But Carefully Crafted Lies

Judge Marilyn Mornington's Journey to Islam

I Dealt With God Directly!

  Q & A on New Muslims' Concerns


Help for New Muslims, What After Taking Shahadah?

Do new Muslims have specific rights in Islam which the Muslim community is obliged to fulfill? Or is this an area left to individuals to deal with, each one according to his/her capacity?

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    When the Light of Faith Approaches... (Another Answer)

    How Can Reverts Bring Their Children to Islam?

    Moving to the Muslim Lands

    New Converts and Their Parents

    Gradually Convincing Parents About Islam

    How to Live as a Muslim

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