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Tips for Self-Improvement
By Reading Islam Staff

Islam’s very practical teachings are a source of true happiness and spiritual comfort

How can I become a better individual, a better community member, a better Muslim?

How can a Muslim live a meaningful and productive life and at the same time strengthen faith and the bond with God?

How can we face up to life's challenges, frustrations, ups and downs without diminishing in faith?

How can we come through hard times, fight against injustices and oppression with an unshakable belief in God’s destiny?

And most importantly, what does Islam say about all these questions? And how can we work on finding the right balance?

Islam provides a well-defined comprehensive way of life in which man is not only adhering to principles but, most importantly, acting on these principles and turning them into purposeful deeds and achievements.

Moreover, Islam’s very practical teachings are a source of true happiness and spiritual comfort.

This folder is a collection of guidelines and recommendations for a balanced Muslim lifestyle between the fundamentals of Islam and between practical measures for productive individuals and for a better society.


  Take Action

Islam never says a Muslim should be idle and shy away from life’s struggles. Instead a Muslim’s everyday life should be a struggle against laziness. Islam teaches and encourages us to be active, never be silent against injustices and stand up against oppression.

Patience is Not Suffering in Silence (Part 1) 

 When we are told by Allah (SWT) to have Sabr, to have patience, it does not mean that we are passive about what’s going on in our lives, but rather there are times when we need to stand firm.

Family in Iraq Surviving Against All Odds

Jihad Against Local Injustice and Corruption 

Jihad against injustice and corruption is of paramount importance for the protection of society against collapse or fragmentation.
A Captivating Model

  Keep the Balance

Islam is a well-balanced comprehensive way of life which teaches that true happiness can be obtained by living a life based on taqwa or God-consciousness. Taqwa provides  spiritual guidance, morality and strength in facing life's many challenges; working on improving our everyday life from the physical material level to the emotional, spiritual one.

Islamic Balance Between This Life & The Hereafter 

Islam urges Muslims to work hard to establish civilization and at the same time to work hard to earn their places in Paradise. This unique balance between life and afterlife can never...


Balanced Islam: Ethics vs. Today’s Challenges-1 

In this talk, Dr. Ingrid Mattson discusses the major principles and priorities of Islamic ethics and how they can be brought to bear on some of today’s social challenges.


  Turn to God

Holding on to God and being aware of Him is the first and foremost trait of living a meaningful productive life. In such way you are fully aware of what you are doing, what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t. Without the awareness of God you will find yourself rushing through life heedlessly, looking forward to nothing.

Trusting in Allah (Tawakkul)

Although tawakkul denotes complete trust in Allah, every Muslim needs to plan for the next course of action when a challenge presents itself. Sitting back in anger or frustration is akin to giving

Self- Development: Prayers As Productive Habit 

You should aim to develop the following seven spiritually productive activities into habits so that you can hopefully continue benefiting from them throughout your life. I consider these activities as...

  Perform Your Role

To get what you want and reach your destinations you need to decide what behavior best reflects your Islamic character, values, goals and traditions, and take steps toward that. This requires both self-analysis and awareness of God and of His Guidance.

Yusuf Talia: Breaking Barriers! 

As-salamu `alaykum. Can I eat from the sweet that my dad bought for the occasion of the Prophet birthday?


Spouses: Actualizing Tranquility, Love, and Mercy

The mercy between spouses as they age and mature morphs into a more tender kind of love that entails caring for the other when they are ill, fulfilling each other's emotional needs...

  Improve Yourself

Out of all of God’s creatures, man is the most honored. To improve inwardly and outwardly is man’s responsibility towards himself and towards God, exalted is He. Here is how to be a stronger believer committed to improving your own self, life and community.
indonesian muslim woman

Who is the Strong Believer?

As-salamu `alaykum. Can I eat from the sweet that my dad bought for the occasion of the Prophet birthday?

Celebrating the Prophet's Birthday: Islamic?

Tariq Ramadan on the 21st Century Muslim (Watch)

How do we deal with the spiritual crisis, psychological disturbances and questions of the younger generations of Muslims in the West?

  Q&A on How to be Productive


How to be a strong believer standing up for my rights, reaching my objectives? Here are answers to such frequent questions.


Busy Doing Nothing 

How can I become more mature and take life more seriously. I am afraid I will also teach my son these bad habits. Even my husband’s own activities have decreased.


How To Stay Positive While Having So Many Problems 

How do you remain positive? I try really really hard to but I keep getting brought down. Why do bad things keeps happening, I have been so patient and good things are supposed to follow bad things right?
Ask the Scholar
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