Your Tips for a Special Ramadan (Share)

By Shari`ah Staff

Your Tips for a Special Ramadan

It is only a couple of weeks to receive the dear, long-awaited guest, the blessed month of Ramadan. Are you ready for one of the greatest times in your whole life? Did you prepare for the month of Ramadan? Perhaps you fasted some days of Sha`ban as a warm-up before the month of fasting. Or maybe you made a list of the goals you intend to achieve in the blessed month. Did you evaluate your previous months of Ramadan to find out the weaknesses you need to address in the upcoming Ramadan? Are there any habits that you will try to acquire/overcome in Ramadan?

Time is passing very quickly and the chance to warm up for the blessed month is valuable. Share with us your creative ideas for Ramadan preparation:

  • How to get prepared, spiritually and physically, for the month of Ramadan?
  • Do you have any tips for Muslims families to have a better, unforgettable Ramadan experience?
  • What can Mosques and Islamic Centers do to provide Muslim communities a fulfilling spiritual recharge?

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