Ramadan: One Third is Over (How Did It Go?)

By Shari`ah Staff

One Third is over share

These days, the fragrance of faith and devotion is everywhere; Muslims all over the world are enjoying the unique spiritual experience they await eagerly from year to year.

But good times pass quickly! Ten days of Ramadan is over. One third of the beloved month is gone and soon we will bid farewell to the whole month. It is time for reflection, evaluation and correction. It is time to be more determined on getting closer to Allah and to make up for any wastage of time during the past period. It is also time to get ready for the special last ten nights of Ramadan and to prepare for Laylat Al-Qadr (the Night of Decree).

  • How were you doing during the past ten days?
  • Did you achieve your targets of worship, Qur'an recitation, night prayers, and charity?
  • Do you feel closer to Allah?
  • Is your deeds curve going up or down?
  • And what plans you have for the next ten days?

Share your reflections and thoughts on the passage of one third of Ramadan and the necessary preparations for the remaining days.

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