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`Eid Mubarak! (Special Coverage)

By Shari`ah Staff

Last update: Saturday, October 27, 2012; Launched on Wednesday, October 24, 2012
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`Eid Al-Adha 1432
 :: Don't Feel Like Celebrating This `Eid?
It is one of these moments when you actually thank Allah for a blessing that was given to others, wonderful, isn’t it?! It is one of these amazing moments when the "I", "me", and “mine” melts down into “We”, “Us”, and “ours”. `Eid Al-Adha aims at teaching us how to belong to our Muslim Ummah, and directs our attention to that great gathering.
  ::    Forgiveness is Divine
Man either finds himself caught in his own traps or is busy weaving one for himself. There are things we think we cannot control.Forgiveness_is_Divine
  :: The Social Aspect of `Eid
Social relations are valued because they prevent or limit isolation of the individual. Social customs are valued...The_Social_Aspect_of_Eid
 :: In Focus
All About `Eid Al-Adha and Udhiyah (10+ Fatwas)

Making `Eid Special For Everyone

Do Not Crush the Joy of `EidMuslims, Eids, and Having Fun
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