Al-Quds: The Olive City (Folder)

Al-Quds The Olive City
Al-Quds (Jerusalem), the olive city, has a special position in the hearts of Muslims and all people of the world. Al-Quds' religious sites and ancient places are among the most visited areas of the world. People of all faiths have great concerns about this blessed area, where many prophets lived or visited.

Moreover, fair and good people of the world are worried about Al-Quds and its historical places. Unfortunately, pains of Al-Quds and its people are increasing every day under the atrocities of the inhuman forces of the Israeli occupation.

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Israelis Want To Pray in Al-Aqsa: Group

In fact, Al-Quds has been eaten up throughout years since the beginning of the 20th century by the constant Judaization efforts under the protection and custody of the Israeli government. Many Muslims have their eyes on Al-Aqsa Mosque waylaying in case of any damage, yet, few are keeping an eye on the David's Star being drawn all over the city under the darkness of a dumb international community.

Given that, the Shari`ah page is launching a special coverage about Al-Quds to raise awareness of this significant city and the dangers surrounding it.

Moreover, the expected roles of Muslims and all people of the world towards Al-Quds will be highlighted.


.:. A City of History and Status
1Al-QudsTheOliveCityThe Pre-Islam History of Palestine  

A historical background of Palestine before Islam, starting from Ancient Ages till the birth of Prophet Moses, peace be upon him.

3Al-QudsTheOliveCity Why Is Palestine So Special to Muslims?

Palestine is precious for Muslims as it is the place where the sacred mosque called Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa is found. This was the first qiblah (direction to pray) of the Muslims.



.:. Claims Refuted

Is It the Jews' Promised Land? 

Does the Qur'an specifically say that Palestine was given only to the Jews? If not, what would you say to refute it?


A Legitimate Claim to Al-Buraq Wall?

Jewish worshippers pray at the wall, which they revere as part of a biblical temple. It forms part of a raised esplanade that Jews call Temple Mount.



.:.Need for Support

Emotions Are Not Enough

Being concerned about your brothers is not an emotional reaction whereby one expresses only sympathetic feelings without any practical constructive steps.


The Sacred Duty of Defending Jerusalem

Jerusalem is not for the Palestinians only, but for all Muslims, be they Arabs or not. It is a city for all Arabs, be they Muslims or Christians.



.:. Reflections and Opinions

Oh Masjid of Al-Aqsa!  

Amongst your believers are those mighty kings, before whom their people tremble with fear; But to your anguish they have turned a deaf ear.


Al-Quds Grieves: Will You Respond? (Share)  

What should Muslims do to protect Al-Quds and its suffering people? Why is the international community silent about the crimes committed against Al-Quds?




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