Hajj: Getting Prepared (10+ Fatwas)

By Shari`ah Staff

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Faithful hearts of Muslims are longing for the lifetime journey of Hajj, which is a great favor Almighty Allah has bestowed upon Muslims so that they can draw closer to Him and have their sins—however numerous and grave they may be—forgiven. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "He who performs Hajj without speaking or committing indecencies (abstains from sensual and sinful acts) will return as free of sins as he was on the day when his mother gave birth to him." (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

In spite of the difficulty of the journey and the abilities required for performing Hajj, either physical or financial, most, if not all, Muslims wholeheartedly wish to perform it and visit the sacred places.

However, before embarking on a long journey, proper preparations should be considered and taken. Prospective pilgrims, therefore, need to get prepared —spiritually, financially, physically, and mentally— for this blessed journey.

For this purpose, Shari`ah is launching this 10+ Fatwas folder shedding light on the prerequisites for Hajj and telling pilgrims how they could get prepared for that sacred journey.



Tips to Maximize Hajj Benefits

It is important to know that while the form of Hajj is important, equally, if not more important is the spirit of Hajj. If a person is not keen to guard the spirit of Hajj, it becomes nothing more than empty rituals devoid of…


Difference between Hajj Types

Each of the three forms of Hajj is valid and acceptable; a person may choose any one of them. Scholars, however, have differed in regards to which of the three forms is the most excellent. Some consider…


Fulfilling the Rights of Others Before Performing Hajj

Muslim scholars confirm that whoever wants to perform Hajj should first absolve himself of the rights of others by returning them to their rightful owners. Imam An-Nawawi said: "If a Muslim makes up his mind to travel to perform Hajj…


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