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The Prophet Film: Beyond Shock and Reaction

(Special Coverage)
By Shari`ah Staff

The Prophet Film Beyond Shock and Reaction

Every now and then, biased and offensive works against Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) are circulated in the media. In addition to the recent provocative anti-Prophet film, a satirical French magazine published new cartoons mocking Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him). It is a repeated scenario: the same messages of enmity, hate and antagonism are being recycled again and again.

The US-produced film shocked Muslims and enraged them. Calls for supporting the Prophet and defending his honor spread everywhere. That is great. Loving the Prophet and feeling offended when he is insulted is expected from every good Muslim. However, the way such good feelings are put in action makes a huge difference. A wise and reasonable action would turn such a challenge into a great opportunity to reach out to people and to raise their awareness about the Prophet and his message.

Learning lessons from this incident is necessary. This folder provides a comprehensive coverage that goes beyond news stories to highlight the implications and lessons, and to delineate appropriate ways of response.

 Responses and Stances

Blaming Islam for Violent Reactions: Justified?

George Bush and Blair claimed to be faithful Christians, while they have been responsible for some of the worst violence this century has witnessed...


How to Respond to the Anti-Prophet Movie?


An Offensive Film? The Prophetic Action Plan


The Prophet Film: Messages to Whom It May Concern


How to Defend Prophet Muhammad?


Raging over “Muslim Rage”

     Reflections and Thoughts





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    Al-Azhar Statement on Offensive Prophet Film

    The followers of this religion, thus, acknowledge or rather believe in all preceding heavenly revealed messages, revere its spiritual symbols and embrace its followers in a historical experience...

    ProphetFilmBody3-2Al-Azhar Scholars Condemn Offensive Prophet Film

    IUMS Calls for Positive Reactions to Prophet Film

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